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I just had one of those panicked moments where I could not, for the life of me, find this email (which I had got part way through then left to stew intending to come back and finish it). After several minutes of cursing, and backwards and forwards, I came upon it by accident. Phew! Just don’t ask me how I got here. I shall likely go through the same frustrating process next time. I’m sure this site has changed things around. I am also pretty confident notification of said changes probably came through in good time but I neglected to read the email properly – if at all . . .

Right, moving on.

Goodreads has informed me I’m on target to reach my goal of reading 130 books this year. Apparently the average goal is 42. I have sixty-five books under my belt so far and am rather pleased with myself – as reading is something I’m extremely good at, reaching my target won’t be a trial.

The following are some favourite reads thus far in no particular order:

  • THE LAST HIGHWAY: R.J. Ellory – A sheriff investigates his estranged brother’s death.
  • RAZORBLADE TEARS: S.A. Cosby – Two fathers join forces to find who killed their sons. I would check out this wonderful novel going on the title alone.
  • EXILES: Jane Harper – Visiting friends in the wine country of Australia, Aaron Falk is drawn to the mysterious disappearance of a woman the year before. This book rounds off a trilogy that is a great read.
  • CITY OF SAVIORS: Rachel Howzell Hall – Los Angeles homicide detective Elloise Norton investigates a murder with links to her own sister’s murder thirty years before.
  • BLACKSTONE FELL: Martin Edwards – Set on remote Blackstone Fell in 1930, this story revolves around two deaths 300 years apart. I found the conclusion fascinating.

I suspect I have mentioned some of the above previously. Never mind, they’re worth a second mention.

I strongly believe the companionship of a dog or cat aids the creative process. This is Kona. He is very timid, so it was extremely brave of him to wander across my desk when I was on my computer – he ‘hid’ as soon as he realised I wanted to take his photo.

Did you know . . .

  • Kludge. I’d never heard this word, and it sounded made up to me, but perhaps those more conversant with computers than moi (most of the population, basically, including those under the age of ten) know it. According to Merriam Webster it means ‘a haphazard or makeshift solution to a problem and especially to a computer or programming problem’. I think I’ve performed a few kludges in my time.
  • ldaho’s official lowest recorded temperature, taken in 1943, is -60F. I’m not sure how Hennessey survives such temperatures and the harsh conditions that go with them, but I guess quaffing vast quantities of whiskey helps keep her warm. And, of course, the companionship of Marshal Rafael Cooper. When they’re not resisting temptation to shoot each other.
  • Longmire fans – of which I am one – will be pleased to hear the 19th book in the series is due for release on September 5 this year. Taking into account my hermit tendencies, I’d be hard pressed whether aspire to live like Will Dean in an elk forest (see below), or in a settlement with twenty-six occupants, like Longmire author Craig Johnson.

On my bedside table at the moment is BLACK RIVER, by Will Dean.

In her third outing Tuva Moodyson, a Swedish reporter, receives news her best friend, Tammy, has gone missing. She drops everything and drives back to the town she left four months before to find out what has happened to Tammy.
Not only does Will Dean write a great, atmospheric mystery, he is very giving of his time and energy to other writers. Plus, he lives in a cabin in the middle of an elk forest in Sweden with his family, cat and a gigantic dog, Bernie, which I think is super cool.

“Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”


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