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by | Sep 12, 2021 | Newsletter

I am very pleased to say that after a few miss-steps and tearing of hair DYING GRASS MOON has galloped into the big wide world. The official launch date was September 9, but the thing I had to remember was the rest of the world is hours if not a day behind New Zealand. Therefore, the book didn’t go live until countries where the purchase sites are listed rolled over into Thursday.

As you can imagine this can make for tricky marketing, as it isn’t a great idea to send an excited reader to their favourite retail platform only for them to find their next great read is still on pre-order. Along with all the other things to be aware of when planning promos etc, keeping track of time zones is important so there are no – or minimal – glitches.

With these different time zones in mind, I decided I could legitimately drink to this book’s success on two launch days instead of one. Despite thinking like a lot of the population that I’d probably consume more alcohol than usual during this latest Level 4 lock down, I have actually gone in the opposite direction, so this proved a cheaper exercise than I might have anticipated.

Part and parcel of a book’s release and ongoing success are reviews, and they’re really important and appreciated. I am always chuffed when someone not only reads my book but takes time to write a review as well (and some of these reviews are loooong). It also never ceases to amaze me how one reader can say how they loved a particular book, then another says they couldn’t finish it. I’ve heard of writers who never read reviews because some can be pretty demoralizing (especially if uncomplimentary graphics are used), while others like to keep a close eye on them. There is no doubt if you are the latter you may be required to grow a thick skin.

If you’d like to peruse ONE FOR ANOTHER before diving into DYING GRASS MOON (which contains spoilers of Hennessey’s first adventure) the ebook is currently .99c (US) or equivalent thereof for a limited time on Amazon.

Did you know . . .

  • Hygiene back in the Old West was a bit sketchy, to say the least.Toothbrushes for example were rarities, although there was often a communal brush made of animal hair for the use of patrons of public eating houses and stagecoach stops.
  • Hemingway’s first polydactyl (six-toed) cat, Snow White, was given to him by a sea captain – sailors believe cats with this feature bring good luck. Snow White’s descendants still live in Hemingway’s Key West home.
  • The Comstock Act, passed in 1873 in the U.S., made the use of birth control a federal crime. Read more

Take care and happy reading,

P.S. I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to message me if you have a question, or if you’d just like to say ‘hi’.

Of course, not only do I love to write I love to read. On my beside table at the moment is DIARY OF A PROVINCIAL LADY, by E.M. Delafield.
Published in 1930 this is a fabulous, hilarious read, the heroine based on the author and her observations on life.

“Follow your inner moonlight;
don’t hide the madness.”
– Allen Ginsberg

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